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1. Completion guarantee(完工担保)

The Guarantor irrevocably and unconditionally agrees with the [Agent on behalf of the Finance Parties/Lenders] that it will, subject to (i) no breach of the EPC Contract on the part of the Borrower; and (ii) [any forcemajeure carve-outs],

(a)           procure that the Project Completion Date occurs by no later than [the long stop date under the PPA]; (担保人要保证项目及时完工。)

(b)          procure that the EPC Contractor will continue to perform its obligations under the EPC Contract and it will not claim any unpaid amount due and payable by the Borrower under the EPC Contract against the Borrower; and(担保人要保证承包商继续履约,且在借款人欠EPC 承包商工程款时担保人不得向借款人提出索赔。)

(c)           indemnify each Finance Party ondemand against all losses, damage, costs and/or liabilities which have been orwill be incurred and/or suffered by the Finance Party as a result of Project Completion Date occurring later than [the long stop date under the PPA] (一旦项目逾期完工,担保人要补偿银行的损失。)


2. Indemnity (银行要求的保护性条款)

(a)        The Guarantor irrevocably and unconditionally indemnifies each Finance Party immediately on demand against any cost, loss or liability suffered by thatFinance Party if any obligation guaranteed by it is or becomes unenforceable, invalid or illegal. The amount of the cost, loss or liability shall be equal to the amount which that Finance Party would otherwise be entitled to recover.(一旦银行由于所承诺的义务不可执行,无效或者非法,由此造成的损失须由担保人补偿。)

(b)        TheGuarantor's obligation and/or liability under this Clause  to the [Agent/Lenders] shall not be subjectto, limited or otherwise affected by:

              (i)     any capor limit on the liabilities of the EPC Contractor under the EPC Contract; (本质是: 一旦EPC价格超概,担保人须提供超额部分的资金cost overrun。)

                 (ii)   any capor limit on the liabilities of the Sponsors under the Sponsor SupportAgreement; (本质是:一旦且股东不能及时足额提供超出部分的资金时,担保人须出资。) or

               (iii)    any agreement by the Borrower to pay, reimburse and/orindemnify the Guarantor for any amount payable by the Guarantor to the[Agent/Lenders] under this Agreement.( debt service undertaking) (本质是:一旦借款人无法履行偿债义务时担保人需要保证偿债。